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Jetpack Compose - Recompositions

Recompositions in Jetpack Compose

This post describes what Compose recomposition is and how to optimize your Compose code to minimize recompositions.

Standalone KMM Images

Using KMM Images in a standalone Android project

This post describes the benefits of using KMM Images in a standalone Android project.

Koin ViewModel Injection

Inject objects into Android ViewModel which depend on a CoroutineScope

This post describes various methods to use dependent objects in an Android ViewModel which depend on the viewModelScope.

KMM adoption strategies

Several strategies exist when adopting Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

This post describes various strategies that can be used whena adopting KMM for native Android and iOS development.

Localized resources and images in KMM

Sharing localized string resources and images between iOS and Android in Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile

This post show how to add share localized resources and images between iOS and Android in KMM project.

Casting images with Chromecast

Android: example of how to cast images using the Chromecast SDK

This post show how to add basic support for casting images to a cast enabled receiver.

IntelliJ find and replace using regular expressions

IntelliJ: Examples of replacing text using Intellij find/replace with regular expressions

This post provides some example of using regular expressions with IntelliJ find and replace function.

Kotlin: Multi variable null check

Different ways of checking for not null with multiple variables

There are several patterns you can use to test for not null on multiple variables. This post describes different methods of null checking multiple variables in Kotlin.

AWS tutorial: DynamoDB part 2

Retrieve items from DynamoDB using Lambda and API Gateway

In this tutorial we create a Lambda function which retrieves this data from the DynamoDB table and expose this functionality over HTTP using API Gateway.

AWS tutorial: DynamoDB part 1

AWS Lambda/Java, DynamoDB and Api gateway integration

In this post I am going through a full (Java) example of integrating AWS Lambda, DynamoDb and Api Gateway to create a function and expose this function as a HTTP resource for other parties to consume.