Standalone KMM Images

Using KMM Images in a standalone Android project

Posted by Jamie Craane on Thursday, September 22, 2022

Image by Dall-E: “Factory which produces lots of the same products. Dark.”

Context describes how to use the kmm-images plugin to share images between a Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile (short KMM) Android and iOS app. You can also use kmm-images in a standalone Android app. This post describes the advantages of doing this.

Benefits of using kmm-images in an Android app

Kmm-images unifies image handling in a KMM iOS and Android app. Using kmm-images in a standalone Android app has the following advantages:

  • automatic conversion of SVG to Android vector drawables
  • automatic conversion of PNG and JPG to all required densities
  • support for PDF image format
  • ready for Kotlin Multiplatform

SVG conversion

To use an SVG in Android it must be converted to a vector drawable. To convert an SVG to a vector drawable you can:

  • Click on New -> Vector Asset and select the SVG to convert.
  • Use the resource manager to convert multiple SVG files at once.
  • Use an online tool to convert SVG files to vector drawables.
  • Use a command line tool to convert SVG files to vector drawables.

kmm-images automates this process. All SVG images present in the images folder managed by kmm-images are converted to vector drawables. After the conversion the images are placed in the drawable resource folder. kmm-images uses the Android Vector Drawable tool to do the conversion.

PNG/JPG conversion

To create multiple versions for different densities of a PNG or JPG you can:

  • Ask the designer to supply the image in multiple densities.
  • Export the image in multiple densities from the design tool of choice.
  • Use a tool to convert the image to multiple densities.

kmm-images supports automatic creation of all required densities for a PNG or JPG. The only requirement is to provide the images in the xxxhdpi density. kmm-images convers the images for both Android and iOS.

Support of PDF image format

To use a PDF image in Android you must convert it to a supported format. kmm-images does this conversion automatically. A PDF images is converted to an SVG. The SVG is then converted to a vector drawable for use in Android.

Ready for Kotlin Multiplatform

When you integrate kmm-images into an Android project means no more refactoring when the Android app is migrated to Kotlin Multiplatform Mobile.

Integrating kmm-images in an Android app

To integrate kmm-images in an Android app, add the following to the Android app build.gradle.kts file:

  1. Add the following to the plugins section:
 id("dev.jamiecraane.plugins.kmmimages") version "1.0.0-alpha11"
  1. Add the following section to configure kmm-images:
kmmImagesConfig {
    usePdf2SvgTool.set(true) // optional parameter
  1. Hook the generateImages task to the preBuild task:
var generateImages = tasks["generateImages"]
  1. Add the generated-res to the sourceSets in the android configuration section:
sourceSets {
    getByName("main") {