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Elastic Search max open files

Increase max open files in Elastic Search (OSX)

In this post I am going to show how to increase the max open files for Elastic Search on OSX.

IntelliJ structural search and replace

IntelliJ: the power of structural search and replace

Sometimes you run into a situation where you want to refactor some code bu


Mapping a map

As some of you will know I am a huge fan of MyBatis. I have used it in a lot of projects and it never failed me. I like how you are in control of the SQL and the flexibility this brings by mapping result sets to classes instead of mapping tables to classes.

Melody composition with genetic algorithms

Creating musical pleasant melodies using genetic algorithms

Several techniques exist to create computer generated musical melodies. One of those techniques is genetic algorithms.

Introduction to genetic algorithms

Introduction to Genetic Algorithms with JGAP

Out of interest I am familiarizing myself in genetic algorithms, in short GA. My interest in GA came when I first heard about the JGAP project.